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Eco Chic is Moving to the Nut Tree



This has been the hardest secret to keep to date!! We are bursting with joy, excitement and anticipation! When we set our 2014 goals for Eco Chic… we hit the ground running and we don’t plan to stop or look back!!  This decision was NOT easy!! Do we take another risk, dream a bigger dream or??! Well if you’re on our facebook page at all you should know the answer to that! We live for the dream, we live to make an impact, we live on faith!

We are “doing it afraid”! Im not going to serve you up some fluffy butterfly message on how perfect and easy its going to be and why have we not done it sooner. We are confident, hopeful and excited to move and start a new chapter.  Its going to take FAITH, courage, time, sweat, tears, money, people and determination like never before!! Our confidence and hope is in the fact that GOD IS ABLE, GOD IS FAITHFUL and we believe in and live key principles that allow us to not just sleep at night but look to him for all of our needs.

Although the dream is free.. the hustle is not. We are pulling up our boot straps and ready to move forward.

On the other hand.. it is bittersweet as I love downtown .. all downtowns. Its historic, charming, and typically lots of locally owned shops+food etc. We opened downtown in hopes to be a pioneer and show people its ok to take a risk, its ok to be out of place sometimes and to prove that a store like ours is & was needed and loved in this city! We will miss downtown, our historic building and all the memories we have made thru the years and really what has been our second home!

We are choosing to focus on the possibility, opportunity and the thing we are more excited about than anything else goes in line with our “people over products” philosophy. We Get to meet & get to know so many more people!! At the end of it it that’s what matters… People!! Our heart for community, wellness in mind, body and spirit is only enlarged with this new journey.

We are on the other hand so excited for the momentum at the Nut Tree. It has always been the iconic landmark of the 80. It Is in it’s own way a “downtown” with it’s rich culture, history and heart for the city. There are so many great things in the works at The Nut Tree I can hardly stand it! From the new Boudin Bakery, Chipotle, our friends opening a yogurt shop, Old Navy, Homegoods, Fentons, train rides, carousel, events in the park (markets, movies etc) not to mention BETTER PARKING (and everyone says AMMMENNN) We are situated right in between 4 locally owned restaurants, a kids play area and directly across from the park. Everyone at the Nut Tree including the new owners are exceptional and we are so excited to be a part of a historic mercantile, community and so much more! As moms we want one stop shopping, good parking, a play area for the kids and good food… HELLO NUT TREE!!!

We will start construction next week with hopes to open by April 2014. We will be having a much needed moving sale and will keep you posted on all of our progress & announce our New Location Celebration Date! We will remain open downtown durning construction at the Nut Tree.

Thank you for being along for the ride with us. We can’t wait to serve you from our new location.

Also a huge thank you to the immensely talented Sweet Marie Photography for taking the photos below!


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